Shea Powell Design

Peony's Envy

Peony's Envy is a peony nursery located in Bernardsville, New Jersey with an extensive public display garden. Shea Powell Design has been working with Peony's Envy since it's inception, active in all aspects of the business from the ground up and creating a set of graphic design materials typically found only in much larger companies. This design focused retail experience has paid off and made Peony's Envy and it's owner Kathleen Gagan known across the country with articles in many of the top garden magazines.

The design of the print materials and web have continually been adapted over the years to what it is today. The website includes an extensive shopping cart with hundreds of products that go up and down seasonally, and one of the most extensive peony care resources anywhere. Work for Peony's Envy has also branched in to product design, and products created by Shea Powell Design will come to market in 2014-2015.